What's behind, "Real Women Fight Back"?

"Stand in the ways and see, And ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; Then you will find rest for your souls." 

(Jeremiah 6:16)

Photo Credit: Nancy Diraison, 2017

May 15, 2017, as this website prepared to launch after decades of conceptual preparation, the news noted it coincidentally as the United Nations’ “International Day of Families”. It is a day intended to highlight the “importance of all caregivers in families...” as well as “the significance of parental education for the welfare of children.”


No subject is broader than that of the importance of families, and how families impact the education, health and welfare, both present and future, of the children raised in them. Children, in turn, impact nations and the world in corresponding ways, and  subsequent generations.


There is no question what the traditional roles of men and women have been in the past. In the highest ideal, men used their strengths and focus to lead and provide. Women, as the ultimate “multi-taskers”, have the opportunity to do “everything else”. In a 1980’s study, it was demonstrated that the monetary value of a homemaker’s contributions at the time approximated $50,000 annually, combining tasks performed and monies saved. Few outside-the-home jobs equal that value even today, and the intangible factors remain immeasurable.


If the traditional model fell short, it is because human beings fall short, not because the model was bad.


Why the model shifted will be an ongoing subject on this website. Our focus is to restore the basics. Instead of tearing down men, we will build them up. We wish to build up our sons. Instead of telling our daughters that dreams are dead, we’d like to remind them of the immense responsibilities, value and impact they have outside the “official workplace” as irreplaceable mothers and teachers to their children, as wives and helpers to their husbands, and general managers in charge of everything else they can set their hands to without omitting the other duties. It is about more fulfillment rather than less. It does not negate jobs outside the home; it puts them in perspective. 


Being real men and real women should be fun, not an oppositional stance. This is not a competition. After generations of reverse engineering the family structure, there is much  to do to reinstate the positives. Restoring the dreams and rebuilding hope is a good place to start. “Real Women Fight Back” is our response to the minority forces which have destroyed both.


This is for the millions of sincere, hard-working women who have been too long outshouted by opposing feminist views they do not support. It is also for the men discouraged in so many ways by the role reversal process. We will support those  women who know how to be strong and feminine without discouraging their men. 


On “Real Women Fight Back” we will post helpful and inspiring blogs and articles and share food for thought. We will also provide links to our connected sites where our products elevate the value of our men and provide women a means of sharing their support for them in a visual way. 



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The contents of this website are anchored by a woman who began fighting back against anti-family agendas thirty years ago. As a business co-founder and CEO, she effectively advocated for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the NFIB and NAM (National Association of Manufacturers), and represented the interests of “Father’s Rights of America”, on legislation damaging to families, business, and connected liability issues. 


This site’s founder’s combined experience covers many industries and includes four years as a news bureau supervisor. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree with a Major in Biblical Studies and Minor in International Relations/Political Science, all ongoing subjects of special interest and study.  She is a songwriter-artist-producer, blogger, and in a separate chapter of her life, raised and home schooled her own children. She is multi-lingual, has subbed in school districts at all grade levels, tutored troubled children and personally witnessed the damages and changes wrought on families as traditional structures have crumbled. There is no better time to fight back than now, when so many others are needing encouragement and tools to promote needed reforms and restore forgotten values.    


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